Reckless Abandon Media is a video production duo formed in 2016. Baesd in Peterborough, it consists of Jack Bartley and Ash Fry who split filming and business admin responsibilities equally. We attempted to find film and television roles post graduation in 2015 and quickly decided that an independent and DIY route would be the best way for us to get our hands on cameras. We’re self taught and developed in both, filmmaking and business. We’re largely driven by a strong interest in the physical process of filmmaking, photography and audio production. We’re continually developing our methods with a goal to produce pristine frames and high fidelity audio. We like to focus on only a few projects at a time and every video we create must be better than the last.



Ash is in charge of how our projects sound and maintains many of the business administration tasks. He is the one to contact regarding initial commercial service enquiries. Technically the ‘managing director’ of RAM.





Jack is largely in charge of the visual character of our output. Technically the ‘creative director’ of RAM. 






I would describe our visual style as fairly minimalist. I prefer to use a tripod where possible to paint a frame with leading lines, pools of light and objects of interest. Motion is created by participants within the scene. Motion can be enhanced with a sprinkling of motivated camera movement. Symmetry, straight lines, focussing on small details, centre framing and low depth of field add depth and subtle surrealism to videos. I believe that interesting shots can be found within any scene or subject, even what many may consider as mundane. Subjects and locations should be filmed authentically with no ‘airbrushing’. Source content will be portrayed as seen as if you were there. We prefer to use a simple and subtle approach to effects, titles and physical camera movement. This leads to a chilled vibe within our films. We aim to complete most of our projects entirely in house. Over the years we’ve steadily acquired both equipment and skills to create our flavour of video. Both Ash and I attend every shoot. I would like to emphasise that every film project evolves and we can positively adapt for the benefit of the project.