Environmental Policy

Jack in a field of dandelions (2020)

We primarily use a Vauxhall Astra Estate as our main form of transport. It was obtained with distance and space efficiency in mind. It uses petrol and passes London Emission zone criteria. Certain productions with minimal sound and lighting requirements mean we can slim down to fit onto public transport. As we’re a micro business, we will only do this if it’s economical to do so.

In terms of documents and office, we’ve been print free and digital since 2017. We’d like to ensure sustainably produced and easily recyclable promotional stationery. An example of this is our beer mat business cards that meet both of these targets. We only order infrequent small batches for low/zero waste.

We adopted a ‘save and purchase high quality later than buy for cheap to have now’ mindset around 2013. We have UoL guest sound lecturer, Grant Bridgeman to thank for that. We make purchases with the intent for those items to be kept for life. Our first camera, a Nikon D7100 still gets occasionally used for projects and Ash regularly uses it as a personal stills camera. Many items within our arsenal are also pre-owned. Both our FS7 and D750 have had previous owners and the majority of our lens collection comprises of ‘vintage’ Nikkor glass from the 70s and 80s.

The Ramedia Astra (2023)