Both Ash and Jack are responsible for their own, and each others safety. This responsibility extends to not negatively impacting anyone else’s health and safety. For the most part, we work remotely from home. So many of the following measures and statements refer to formal filming days. Filming days make up a small part of a yearly calendar and some weeks will contain no filming days at all.


Fortunately due to our size and minimalist filmmaking nature, our day to day and on location shoots are on average, low risk. A formal, bespoke risk assessment is generated if our client requires or if the shooting location is medium to high risk. 


Many of our filming locations are offices, homes or public outdoor spaces. We are prepared for higher risk areas such as factories and construction sites too.


Fortunately from past employments we have benefitted from formal training such as manual handling, ladders / working at mild height, fire, food hygiene, lone working and first aid. 


While we are on site with a client, we will strictly follow their Health and Safety guidance, rules and procedures.


Our uniform contains steel capped boots and high vis. We regularly use padded knee pads. Over the next couple of years I’d like to expand our options for high vis and a summer uniform that improves protection from the sun and high temperatures. We regularly use our own hearing protection.



It has been tricky in the past to deal with illness and filming days, as they can be difficult to reschedule and  as self employed, we do not receive benefits such as sick pay. An example would be an annual live event, and we’re a small cog of such event. The show will go on. 

If one of us is ill near to a shoot day, a bespoke assessment will need to be conducted and we will alert our client. If we display cold symptoms without fever, and feel well, we will still be prepared to continue with the proposed shoot. This will activate our covid/infectious disease procedure that includes all day mask wearing, social distancing and ventilation of sets.

Vomiting, fever, feeling seriously unwell or other symptoms of serious disease will result in the automatic cancellation of a shoot for that individual. We will then review whether the other partner could handle the requirements or we can call upon our network of trusted videographers to act as replacement.