Discrimination Policy

As we have no employees and currently no intention to obtain any, this policy’s purpose is in relation to our service provision. Although, this would also apply to potential future employment and other applicable departments.

We acknowledge the protected characteristics of age, race, disability, gender, sex, sexual orientation, religion, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity. 

We’d also like to extend this to also include societal or wealth class of the individual seeking to use our services. While we walk the line of self ascribing, and protecting our financial value, we encourage those with micro and zero budgets to approach us. 

Furthermore we want to help actively delete discrimination of the above (and characteristics yet to be protected by law). This is an area for improvement as a company, therefore we encourage causes/NGOs/businesses/campaigners to approach us for collaboration or subsidised services. 

Our sets are safe places where people are free to express their true self.